Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow, snow , snow

Well I wasn't joking when I wrote this about my cats. This little sceane of distruction was caused by Cassi. My poor sweet pea seedlings, I can't even repot them as the weather has taken a bit of a turn and my compost is frozen.

Yep we finally have some snow. I love snow and how it makes everything look so pretty. The world seems a quieter place when its snowing and everyone can act like children. It was so lovely to see everyone out on my street yesterday all wrapped up and bright scarfs and gloves, making snowmen and having snowball fighst. It reminds me that no mater how technically advanced the world is getting, a simple white flurry of precipitation will have the whole country joining together in a chorus of "Its snowing" and rushing to the nearest window. Oh yes we'll be moaning about it in a few days but at the mo I'm happy to be inside where its nice and warm with a steaming mug of tea and chocolate biscuit looking out at the frozen world and having a happy sigh.

Isn't this pretty, frost on a spiders web.

Cress pot update, a week after planting my cress is growing well. It'll be ready to cut in a few days and I'm really looking forward to a nice egg and cress salad sandwich. I'm glad the survived Cassi's attack on the sweet peas (they are on the windowsill next to them) but there is soil all over the windowsill and my desk. She is a naughty one but then all she has to do is smile and she's forgiven.


  1. Surely, that innocent face could not have sat on the sweet peas.

  2. I know she looks like butter wouldn't melt but she was caught in the act :)