Thursday, 9 February 2012

Guest post from fellow crocheter Boo

Hello, my name is Boo and Ms Amigurumi Barmy has kindly allowed me to guest post! So I thought I would show you my latest creation, a custom request for a womble. The Wombles was a children's programme on the BBC when I was a child, and this person is called Orinoco. He had a reputation for being lazy and eating a lot, which is why he has a sammich :) He is now happy in his new home.

Another reason for showing him is because I made him without a pattern to work from. The only reason I was confident enough to try is due to Liz's encouragement. She actually taught me how to crochet, and how to work shapes to make a finished object. When I was considering how to make Orinoco, Liz said to trust my instincts and think of the shapes that would go into making him, and I was so pleased with the result!

I love crochet and amigurumi, as well as needlepoint and cross stitch, but amigurumi really has captured my imagination. I bought 'Creepy Cute Crochet' before I even knew how to crochet, but thankfully Liz had plenty of patience and I maaged to make a little nosferatu, without enough stuffing in and a bit lopsided but I had caught the crochet bug and never looked back. I think Orinoco is the creation I'm proudest of so far. Where did you start, and what is your favourite?

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