Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fluffy koala

Little koala is finished. He came together quite nicely in the end. I love his white belly and his nose. I ummed and arred for ages about whether to make him fluffy and in the end started teasing his ears and got carried, so now he's completely fluffy.
I'm happy I decided to fluff him even though I got lots of little cuts all over my fingers from the teasel brush. I think he looks even cuter now.


  1. This bear is sooo cute! I sent you an email like you said if we wanted a copy of the pattern but the email was returned unable to send.

    Therefore I'm asking could you send me a copy of the bear? I've got to make him for one of my grandsons, he'll love it.

    Thank you

  2. Margaret I need your email address to sent you the pattern you can email it to me at or if that one doesn't work.