Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tardis keyring

A while ago my neighbour gave me a lot off cross stitch stuff that she wasn't gonna use anymore. I like doing cross stitch and usually have a few big projects on the go that I pick up every now and then when I want a break from crochet but now I have lots of bits of aida and embroidery threads I wanted to have a go at doing some uncharted cross stitch.
 This little tardis keyring is my first creation. I printed a pic of the tardis off onto graph paper so I had a good idea of how many stitches I would be using. It ended up being a bit big for the keyring holder I had so I had to put it in on the diagonal but I really like it. I did the stars freehand cause the background looked a bit boring and I didn't have room to put any writing on. I think I'm gonna have to find some bigger keyring findings as I now have loads of ideas to make more things like this.

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