Thursday, 2 February 2012

Creepy bobble bunch

I've got the cats settled down. Cal is asleep on my arm smiling away to herself as you can see, so I'm cracking on with the pattern writing and have finished the 5th and probably my fave group of the bobble bunch so far.

This bunch of creepy bobbles were such fun to create. I did the skull, eyeball and brain a while ago but couldn't think what to go with them till I had the idea to make this zombie this morning.
Ooh I loves him he's so cute and ugly. I really like the way the just by using red yarn to sew the eye on it makes it look like its falling out. I'm gonna make him into a keyring for myself but you can make your own too cause this pattern set it now up on etsy along with the rest of the bobble bunch.

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