Saturday, 18 February 2012

Craft clearout

 I am very lucky to work in a lovely craft shop the only downside is that I get tempted by so many pretty things and so I buy far too much stuff, so I'm having a massive clear out.
 So here's the deal the photos below are for bundles I've put together and I'm selling them cheep to clear room and get room for more craft stuff :) If you want a bundle email me at
 I'll let the pic do most of the talking as writing massive descriptions will take me all day. postage to the UK will be £3 for most bundles but a couple are a bit heavier and the postage for them will be £5. If you want something and you don't live in the UK let me know and I'll find out the postage cost for you. Now feast your eyes on the pretty crafty yumminess.

Lot 1 - Glass beads, glass pearls, seed beads and sequins. £5 plus £2.50 postage
 Lot 2 - Jar of yellow buttons, ribbon and bias binding £5 plus £3 postage
 Lot 3 - I love knitting book, 2 balls noro DK and 2 ball eyelash yarn £5 plus £3 postage
 Lot 4 - Cross stitch kit, aida, embroidery threads and hoop. £10 plus £3 postage
 Lot 5 - Jar of buttons, ribbon and bias binding £5 plus £3 postage
 Lot 6 - Great book crochet stitched, buttons, bamboo crochet hooks, hand made crochet hook roll in pirate fabric and little panda amigurumi £15 plus £5 postage
 Lot 7 - loads of flower fairy decoupage sheets, 2 stamps and metallic stamp pads £5 plus £3 postage
 Lot 8 - book knitted flowers, brand new set of bamboo knitting needles and roll, 2 hanks of Sari silk yarn £10 plus £5 postage
 Lot 9 - Knitting socks book (I learnt to knit socks with this book its really good) 3 balls of sock yarn and 2 sets of double pointed needles £10 plus £5 postage
 Lot 10 - 2 sets of bag handles, wide burgundy lace, trimmings, ribbons, handmade tweed flower and a load of wooden buttons £5 plus £3 postage
 Lot 11 - Christmas cross stitch, 3 kits, ribbons, embroidery hoops, press on gems and Christmas buttons £10 plus £3 postage
 Lot 12 - Lots of bright pretty ribbons, full reel of blue hearts ribbon, balloon buttons, sequins and heart gems £5 plus £2.50 postage
 Lot 13 - Massive amount of embroidery silks all sorted and numbered, 3 cross stitch kits, freehand embroidery kit, embroidery hoops and evenweave fabric. £15 plus £5 postage
Lot 14 - sewing bits and bobs, bag handles, knitting bee, patterned bias binding, buttons and very pretty scissors on a chain to wear round your neck. £10 plus £3 postage

Right there you go see anything you like you can email me or comment on my facebook page.


  1. Hi. I'm interested in the bundles with the button jars, but I live in South Africa. Could you find out the shipping for me please? It might be too expensive with the glass jars, but maybe you could put the buttons in a plastic bag instead? My email address is Thank you.