Wednesday, 15 February 2012

something sweet

I love cheesecake, its probably my favourite sweet but I very rarely buy or make one as I ether eat too much or end up throwing some away but then I had a brainwave. Why not make smaller cheesecakes and freeze them. So I used a similar recipe to my chocolate orange cheesecake, I made up the base mix and put a teaspoon into cupcake wrappers and pressed it down. Then I whipped the cream and in a separate bowl mixed together the cream cheese and icing sugar, then folded in the whipped cream. Now I wanted two different flavours of cheesecake one chocolate orange and one strawberry so I separated the cheesecake mix into two bowls and added melted white chocolate and orange flavouring to one half and a strawberry Muller corner to the other, then just pour the mix over the base and there you have it perfect little cheesecakes that will freeze perfectly. They will keep for a couple of months in the freezer ready for when I need a sweet treat, or they would if it wasn't for my friends and family stealing them. This recipe made 18 little cheesecakes that one in the photo is my last so it won't make it to a freezer this time. Still its a good reason to make some more, I'm thinking lemon and ginger cheesecake and a millionaire's shortbread cheesecake for the next batch. Yum

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  1. I love making little square cheese cake presents for Xmas. I use piping gel for the decor.