Monday, 20 February 2012

St Patrick days omnipom

Its been a while since I made an omnipom so with St Patricks day coming up I thought it was a good excuse to make one with a bit f an Irish theme.
 I knew that I wanted one of his eye patches to be a shamrock so that I had to use emerald green felt but I was a bit stuck thinking up the main colour for him I was thinking maybe lime green but then I'm a bit mad for lime green and have used it a lot recently so I decided to ask on facebook. Thanks to the suggestions of my facebook fans who helped out with this and I deiced to go with Evi's suggestion and go for a black body.

So here he is. It wasn't planned but I love the way he looks slightly drunk, maybe I need to crochet him a pint of Guinness? 
I'm happy with the shamrock eye and I couldn't resist a little green top hat.
Only problem with black yarn is the stuffing showing through, I tried keeping my tension even tighter than normal but the stuffing is still visible in places. I guess its just one of those things and I'll have to learn to live with it.
 Instead of buttons I've used sequins and beads for his face decoration as I didn't want buttons to distract from his eye patch. Now all I have to do is make a shamrock for his bum and I can't decide if he needs a waistcoat?
 He'll need a name too if anyones got any suggestions?

I've actually made something on a monday so I feel I can post it on handmade monday


  1. Yes, he needs a pint of Guinness!! He's lovely - definitely a good one for St Patrick's Day!! (they used to do black stuffing, don't know if you can still get it, but I'm sure it must be available somewhere).

  2. You should call him Cafferys :)

    Amazing work. I just can't believe the detail you put into your work. It's outstanding!

  3. Cute little fella. You could dye some stuffing but I wonder if it would still be child safe, sorry, thinking aloud. He could have a fiddle to go with his glass of guiness too but don't know how you would make one. Lol. He is great.

  4. Certainly a pint of Guiness would look good but even so he is so sweet

  5. He is fab, he does look a little tipsy so a drink in his hand would be a good idea. He needs an Irish name so how about Paddy or Seamus? x

  6. Hi, Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I'm now a follower of yours too. :) Your blog is great! and you do great work.