Monday, 6 February 2012

Spring fairy

Welcome to my mad world of omnipoms the spring fairy. She's a bit grumpy because she's worried the snow will stop the daffodils from flowering. Her dress is bright orange with a yellow t-shirt underneath and lime ribbon. she's the colours of spring. Her wings glitter and so do her pants cause every girl needs a bit of sparkle.

I've really enjoyed making the spring fairy. Her hair is made from squiggle yarn and was a right pain in the behind to make. all hope of following a pattern when out the window as I couldn't see the stitches but its worth the effort cause the hair looks so fun. Her dress is knitted in the round on 4 double pointed needles and was based on a dress I made for some older dolls but as I never wrote that pattern down it was a bit make it up as you go along . Luckily it worked out and it fit nicely. I had to add the button decoration on her dress cause it wouldn't be one of my doll if it didn't have buttons on it. She has buttons on her shoes too, I can't help myself sometimes.
Right now to stop procrastinating cause doing the legs is boring and finish of my octopus.

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