Monday, 6 February 2012

New project

After making this dragon for the Chinese new year I've been having a play around with the wing pattern from lucy Ravenscar its a great pattern and makes lovely wings but I found by doing through back loop only I got a nice line which looked like veins on wings, I've also added a small chain loop at the row end on the wide end of the wing and done a longer chain and worked back into it to form a curl at the top and bottom of the wings.
I wanted the wings to be sparkly so I used Wendy peter pan moon dust yarn which has a iridescent fleck in it but this wasn't sparkly enough so I blended it with 3 strands of this holographic Machine embroidery thread and you can see it gives me a really lovely sparkly effect.

Now who is gonna wear this impressive set of wings? Well I'm working on this spring fairy omnipom, She's at the ugly stage at the moment but I've had to stop at this stage cause I'm going to knit her a pretty dress and if I stuff her and do the legs I might not be able to get her dress on. I've used the same moon dust yarn for her knickers cause I think every fairy should have glittery knickers and she's got a lovely wig of lime green curls, I'm looking forward to bringing her to life. Now to get my knitting needles out and cast on the frock.

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