Thursday, 16 February 2012


UFO = unfinished object

A few days ago me and a friend were having a giggle and discussing crochet and amigurumi and we came up with a list of crochet commandments. I was gonna post this whole list as one blog post but as I've looked over it now I've realised that each rule can be a blog post in itself so here's the first.

UFOs are a part of life, but if your hearts not in it bin it.

The photo above is a collection of some of my UFOs. I know I've lost the love for some of these items and they will probably never get finished. The 3 legged octopus, I made 3 legs, got bored put him to one side and now I can't remember how I made the legs as I didn't write down the pattern. In order to finish him I'll have to start all 8 legs again and I'm just not sure I love him enough to do that.
 There are other unfinished amigurumis in this pic, I'm still working on the thing in the middle that will become a sausage dog but I'm not sure I've got the pattern right, his body's a bit big and may end up starting again. The little multi coloured alien I do still love but I know I don't have enough of that yarn left to finish him how I want and till I figure out how to get round this he remains a UFO.
 The rest of my UFOs are larger projects, blankets, scarfs and bags. I start these projects because they are a nice break from amigurumi. There is a lot of counting in amigurumi and after a day of it, it can sometimes feel like my head is melting, so I'll have a break and do something that requires less thinking. Only making amigurumis takes up so much of my day now that when I stop for the evening I'd rather have my tea and veg in front of the telly with a glass of wine in my hand than start crocheting again, so a lot of these are slow progress. I love granny squares but my brilliant idea of making a granny square a day to make a blanket didn't get very far, I'm just hoping I can keep my new idea of doing one row of ripple blanket a night, so far I'm doing OK on that one.
 The green ripple scarf, tan bag and neck cowl only require a little finishing off, sewing up, a few more stitches, some buttons adding and these will be finished and yet they have been hanging around for ages. Why? I don't know. I know I'll get round to finishing them one day, who knows it may be today.

If you do any sort of craft I'm sure you will have some unfinished objects lying around the place but as I said at the start they are a part of a crafters life. They show we are wonderful, busy creative people and there is nothing wrong with that x

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