Saturday, 4 February 2012

One problem sloved.

I have a problem with my cats Cassi and Cal climbing all over me and the computer keyboard while I'm trying to type up patterns. This has got so bad that I put off writing patterns because I know how much hassle they will be.
I don't know if anyone else has Bengal cats but they really demand attention and they don't mind if they get that attention from doing something bad or good. Most of the time my cats are good but if they can see I'm doing something that looks interesting they want to be part of it. This makes somethings difficult. I used to wrap presents really prettily but with the cats helping now you'll more than likely to get a garnish of cat hair and ripped wrapping paper than crisp corners and a decorative bow. I've given up having flowers in the house as my cats believe vases look better on there sides. I love tulips but unfortunately so does Cassi, she eats them. The windowsills in this house belong to the cats I must understand if I put anything on them its going to end up on the floor including seedling. Feet must always stay under the duvet, if I forget this rule a cat will be waiting to remind me the hard way. Breakfast, dinner and tea times are set in stone and lie ins or working late will not be tolerated.
So how do I stop my cats getting on the keyboard while I'm writing? Well I thought I'd try putting a cushion on my desk and lo and behold it worked. Cassi went straight to it sat down. She's quite happy there supervising my work. Of course now I'll have to put another one the other side for Cal or there will be fallings out.

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