Sunday, 15 September 2013

Makes and models

While I haven't had a lot of time for crafting this week I do have a lot to show you. This happens sometimes, I don't have time to start anything new so I get time finish off some of the works in progress that linger in my makes  box. Makes it look like I've been really busy but not really.

First up is the partner to green jumper bunny. Blue jumper bear. This bear was all but made and just needed sewing together but he just didn't look right. I had made him like a true old fashioned bear with a standing out muzzle, but I wasn't happy with it. In a fit of wimsey I changed it for a felt patch muzzle. While he still looks a bit angry, I am much happier with this bear.

 Next up is long limbed bunny. I had half this bunny made but she needed another arm, leg and ear. I planned that she would be a very plain bunny but sometime these guys personality takes over and this little girl did not want to be a plain Jane.

I thought she needed a ribbon round her neck so I took her to work to pick one out. Fortunately or unfortunately I work at a haberdassery and the people I work with are as crafty as me. Lucy, who I was working with today kept giving me ideas and now to improve her and this is how she turned out.

Here is Lucy and her know namesake Lucy the long limbed bunny (pattern coming soon)

Finally I had a bit of a personal challenge in my head to see how small I could get crochet to go. I wanted to make some earrings but I know the crochet ball would have to be tiny to make comfortable earring to wear.

With the help of another of my workmates Leah modelling here is the result (I'm quite chuffed with these although I don't know where I use them)

I'm very luck to work with such pretty girls who don't mind me using them as models :)

Its that time to link in with handmade Monday. I hoe you'll hope over with me and see what all the other lovely craft blogers have been up too :)

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Day of the dead bracelets

Ooh 2 post in one day. I'm really getting cracking now.

This is just a photo post really. I've been taking some new shots of my day of the dead bracelets and I'd like to know which ones you like best?

 Now in blue

Craftseller Woodland critters

Its time to reveal my latest craftseller project

 This month they wanted 4 woodland animals. Lovely right up my street. As you can see by my past blog post I was already working on hedgehogs and squirrels. I had loads of ideas, however 4 different animals with 4 different body shapes was going to make for a very long pattern.

I had a re-think and started a pinterest board to gather inspiration. I think this is the image that made my mind up for the way to go with these guys.

We love woodland creatures so much this simple stylised version by Rileyconstruction on etsy tells us straight away its a fox no fuss.

With this in mind I was able to simplify my designs so that the all 4 animals could be made from a similar body shape.

This was the design I was left with along with yarn colour choices.

The finished result. I love these photos :)
 I've used little felt flower cut outs and old mother of pearl buttons to decorate each one.

 The hedgehog is the first pattern to be printed with my new overworking stitch. Its a very easy stitch which creates a great effect but just in case anyone does get stuck with it I'll be adding a photo tutorial section to the blog soon.
Everyone has a different favourite with these guys. My favourite is the raccoon. Whats yours?

In other news I got a nice email from the peolpe at Love crochet magazine. They said they had included my owl doorstop pattern that I did for craftseller last year in their latest issue.

Here he is in craftseller and here the surprise I got when I found a copy of Love crochet..

Doesn't he look fab on the cover :)

I have a big crochet weekend coming up and I'm hoping to get to work on another owl I'll try and keep you posted :)