Sunday, 13 March 2016

LGC rainbow sheep

 Meet fluffy Flora. She is my latest design for Lets get crafting magazine
This magazine comes with a yarn kit so thats what I get to use when I'm coming up with these designs. This kit was full of wonderful colour and a fluffy fashion yarn.
I was asked to create a colourful sheep. No problem but it did take a while to decide on what the main colour should be. In the end I think it was more by accident than design that I went for the blue. I had made the legs first and started with the blue, then I made the head. I was prepared to make up a few in the different colours to see which worked best. I made a blue one first and it worked so well I didn't bother making up any other colours to try.
I really like the combination of colours and he really rather cute. It seems hes a hit with you guys too as I've seen quite a few of you have already made him. If you head onto lets get crafting facebook page you can see for yourself

If you want to get your hands on the magazine it looks like this and you can get it in any good newsagents or online at the link above xxx

Its nearly the end of another week and this weeks pattern of the week has been my little fox

You can get hold of the pattern for just £1 in my etsy shopI am also running a giveaway on my facebook page where you can win the actual worked model of this fox and the matching raccoon I'll be creating later today in my live tweet crochet along. You can also enter by commenting on this post.

If you want to follow the live tweet follow @lizwardcrochet or #amigurumibarmylive  It'll be starting in at 10.30am and I will post it to the blog later in the week.