Monday, 22 April 2013

The hedgehog family

 I've been working on the hedgehog pattern I showed you last week.

I loved making this pattern so much I decided to turn it into a family of hedgehogs.

 Mummy, Daddy and baby hedgehog. Don't they make a cute family :)

This pattern is the first of a new pattern set called woodland cuties. These patterns take the next step in amigurumi and use a new technique that I call over-working. Its a very simple process (when you get the hang of it) but it does take a bit more time than normal amigurumi making. I hope you'll agree its worth the extra time to get the depth in texture.

These hedgehogs have been in my bag with me all week and they are a big hit with everyone I've met. So much so in fact, that I've nearly lost them a few times, as most people don't want to give them back once they have had a cuddle. I don't blame them but I'm not giving them up with a fight :)

 The hedgehogs enjoying some signs of spring in the garden

The only thing is I can't think of any names for them, so if anyone has any ideas let me know.

The pattern for these is now available in my etsy shop here

Update I've introduced a tutorial page for this pattern to help with the new stitch you can find it here

Next up is a very cute squirrel.........

I'm linking in with handmade monday :)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Getting my groove back.

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately, I've been snowed under with deadlines for book and magazine work. As I can't show photos of what I'm working on for them till they are published its a bit tricky finding time to work on my own patterns or make other things to blog about.

My latest deadline was this Friday, so I planned a weekend of carefree crafting to celebrate. I've had so many ideas that I've been waiting to get cracking with but when I actually sat down to start work nothing when my way. Every stitch was a struggle, the patterns weren't working and I just wasn't feeling the love.

I realised that I've been pushing myself and working so hard on the book that crochet now seemed more like work than play.  I thought I'd have to take a break from crochet until that urge to pick up a hook came back but I still wanted to finish what I'd started so I battled on. 

This bunny is the first thing off my hook and is for a new set of traditional amigurumi patterns these will be Bunny's, bears and other things in jumpers and dresses.

 While I'm quite happy with this pattern but I don't love the bunny yet. He is sweet and he is growing on me now hes finished and I'm sure by the time I've made all his friends I'll love them all.
The blue arms and legs are for his friend who is a bear in a blue jumper. I have completed him yet so there will be more pictures to come soon.

Next up I started work on another pattern set woodland cuties. I've been wanted to start this set all year but I just haven't had chance. This set will be owls, squirrels, deer, raccoons and every thing cute that lives in and near a woodland. I knew I wanted to start with a hedgehog and I wanted to make the spikes out of crochet not by using fancy eyelash wool or a loop stitch.

Experimentation, a lot of maths and a truly brilliant brainwave (if I do say so myself) and a day later I had this....

It was time consuming, fiddly and with boring coloured yarn but oh my it was fun to make :) This adorable little hedgehog flew off my hook, I was so excited about crocheting again and I couldn't wait to meet her. I'm happy to say I have my crocheting mojo back and I'm looking forward to creating more woodland creatures so she can have some friends.

Now I just need to think up some names for them :)

Well I'm a bit late but I'm sure I can squeeze in on handmade Monday why not have a wander over yourselves and see what the lovely craft bloggers have been up too