Monday, 9 December 2013

Whats new

This blog post is way over due so there is lots to share. Bear with me this is gonna be a very photo heavy post.

My first news is to welcome to the world Cals latest litter.

This bundle of cuteness were born on the 26th of November and are now nearly two weeks old. This is Cals third litter and will be her last but it is wonderful to see her with kittens again. She is such a happy mum.

We have two boys and two girls. They have good markings and are going to be wonderful cats. They are already starting to show their own personalities. I'm going to have great fun with them over the next few months before they find their new family's.

This little man is the main character of the group. He's the biggest and loudest, he doesn't like to be picked up yet and tells you as much if you try but hes a little chubby angel when hes asleep.

This picture was taken just as this little girl was the first to open her eyes :)

Next up and a personal best my patterns are in 3 magazines this month.

Love crochet came as a bit of a surprise. I was in Asda when i noticed the new issue was out. I picked it up cause I can't resist looking at any crochet mag and to my surprise saw bubble bunny on the cover.

Its a wonderful to see bubblebunny in print again. Love crochet have laid the pattern out very well and there are lots of tips, photos and information that make it really easy to follow.

In inside crochet it was time for my favourite squirrel to have his moment of stardom

This pattern hasn't been released anywhere else so this is an exclusive for Inside crochet so grab a copy while you can. Fans of my hedgehog pattern need to get their hands on this pattern as this squirrel uses the same overworking stitch to give him a wonderfully bushy tail.

Last and by no means least Craftseller.
Every month  my editors at Craftseller set me a new crochet challenge and this month was a great one.
They asked for a lacework angel to go on top of a Christmas tree. This had two problems to overcome. I haven't done much lacework before and how to stiffen it so it would stand ridged.

The head and body were done in a traditional amigurumi shape. We decided to keep the face blank to keep the white angelic look. The skirt and wings are made of lacework crochet but I've kept it really simple so they are easy to make if you've never tried lacework before. They are set with sugar syrup which works well but takes a lot of time - up to three days to dry. It left it a bit touch and go to hit my deadline but the finished angel will last for years and be part of many Christmases to come.

Christmas is suddenly very soon and I'm very behind on everything. I have to say I am sorry but the Christmas patterns I planned to release in my esty shop will not be ready in time. I don't want to rush them and make mistakes so they will be released next year. It will now be a full range of  patterns for Christmas 2014.

As a taster here are some pics of what I've got so far.

There is more but I'll leave it there for now as I want a cuppa and a catch up over at handmade Monday before I start work for the day (I'm making Bunny's, chicks and Easter eggs today)