Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lazy weekend

I don't have a lot to show for this weeks work. This is mostly because the jobs I have been doing have been typing up patterns and drawing up plans for upcoming projects rather than making lovely thing but also I've because had a very silly injury so I can't crochet.

On Thursday I had a lazy day of slow cooking in preparation for dinner at my friends new flat on Friday. I don't normally get a chance to cook something truly yummy for myself and a slow cook day when the house is full of wonderful smells is always a joy.
 A few weeks ago I'd seen them make pulled pork and bean hash on sunday brunch and now seem the perfect time to give it a go.

I didn't do the pork the way they said as I already have a recipe for slow cooked pork, so I used that. The pork is smothered with garlic, ginger and chili before going in for a slow cook. I have somehow in the move lost my pestle and mortar and my micro plane grater, so there was only one thing for it I had to chop everything by hand. This was quite enjoyable even if it did take some time. The smells alone were worth it but at the end of lots of chopping my arm way aching a bit. On with the beans and more chopping of more garlic, chili, ginger and onion, now my arms getting really tired.

Work on the food done I settled down to a lazy day crocheting. I started work on a granny square blanket

Cal helping :) This is a project just for me and so I'm happy for it to be a bit of a labour of love but my hand wasn't and I didn't get far with it.

Waking up for a day at the day job on Friday, my arm was very stiff and sore. It was going to stop me though as I had an evening out and yummy food to enjoy after work.

What a lovely night it was too. I managed to persuade Richard to open one of the cheap bottles of champers he got when he work at sainsburys, we listened to real music on vinyl records, enjoyed the food and had a good old natter :)

Unfortunately, I think all that heavy lifting of a wine glass was the straw that broke the camels back as far as my arm was concreted. By Saturday morning it was complety gone. I started some crochet work but it just hurt too much.

I have had to give myself the weekend off. This isn't really a hardship as I have no pressing deadlines but I do like to stay ahead when I have the chance.

I've read 2 books and have just started on my 3rd. I've had lots of kitty cuddles, cause obviously the warm kitty body's are soothing on my arm and I've finally got to spend some time in the garden in the sunshine :)

Its been lovely but I'm itching to get my hooks out and get cracking with the new crochet projects. Hopefully I'll have more to show you next week but for now I'm heading over to handmade monday for a catch up on what the other crafty bloggers have been up too :)

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Craftseller owls

A while ago I posted this pic on my facebook age asking you to guess what I was making.

 Well no one guessed right but you ave me some great ideas of things to make next.

So I can reveal that I was making a family of rainbow owls for a commission for craftseller magazine.
Owls are everywhere in crochet at the moment so I really wanted mine to stand out by being very simple, easy to make but stunning and cute.

As usual with me its all about the eyes.

The rest was pretty easy as I was making a foot for a turtle and I realised it was perfect for the larger owls too. I bit of jiggery pokery with the pattern to make some ears and this is what we have.

 My finished owls before the were posted to craftseller HQ

But then didn't I get a wonderful shock when I finally saw the magazine :)
 Look that's my little owls on the cover. THE COVER!!!!!!!!! my fist ever cover I'm so excited. Don't they look lovely. I keep making excuses to go into newsagents just to see it on the stand :)

If you not to get your hands on this magazine and the owl pattern it'll be in the shops in the UK all month. If you are outside the UK its available as a digital download just check out the craftseller website :)

Now its time to head over to handmade monday to catch up with my fellow craft bloggers

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Blog award

The lovely Jei of CuteyPatutyCrochet has given me a blog award. Thank you very much. This is my third blog award so I know the rules now first I must answer the questions set by Jei 

1. What is your latest achievement in life?
My latest achievement is my first magazine cover project. Craftseller magazine out in the shops on Monday has my collection of colourful owl amigurumis looking very jolly on the cover :)

2. Who is your hero?

There are loads of people I admire and respect and would go all silly and girly over if I ever met them but I don't have a hero.

3. Why are you blogging?
I blog to show off my amigurumi patterns and motivate myself to work harder and write more. I really enjoy blogging and the whole blogging community is very supportive and helpful.

4. Cats or Dogs?
I'd love to have a dog but its just not practical so for now its cats. I have 2, Cassi and Cal, mental Bengals they may be but utterly wonderful at the same time.

5. What is your dream vacation?
I haven't had a holiday for a few years so I'd be happy anywhere peaceful and relaxing. On the other hand I'd really like an adventure and Madagascar has always been the place I will get to one day. It seems such an amazing place and would love to see the lemurs in the wild.

6. How do you reward your self after you accomplish something?
By setting my goals even higher ;) I a workaholic and my to do list is always longer than is possible to complete. I do get great pleasure from crossing things off my list but I rarely stop to reward myself. 

7. What is your favourite stress reliever?
Wine :) Crisp, white, new zealand sauvinon blanc, chilled and served in a crystal glass. At the end of a long working day my glass of wine is the signal for my brain to shut up and for me to relax.

8. Boxer or brief?
I have a slight addiction to underwear with superheros and cartoons on but my favourite pair have the words "smarty pants" across the bum. As a big fan off puns this makes me smile.

9. What is your motto in life?

One I read a while back which I really liked was "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can" 

Thanks again for the award I'll have a think about who I'm gonna pass it on to and think of some questions myself now :)