Sunday, 25 August 2013

Heart teddy

This week I'm off Duttons and have a full week of crochet ahead of me. I'm gonna be setting up my own website and part of this is doing new photo shoots with my amigurumi so they look lovely on the website.

When I first started writing amigurumi pattern nearly 2 years ago this little teddy was the first pattern I put in my esty shop.
I still have this little bear, he sits on my bookcase but I thought I'd have a go making him again anyway. I soon found ways the pattern could be improved. I changed the feet so they had bigger pads that would support a fabric patch and changed the face, using bigger eyes and a felt muzzle patch. Other than that he's just the same.

What do you think?

 This photo is taken with a the soft filter on my new camera. I like the vintage look it gives. The fabric on the ears and feet has little strawberry's on it so I used another strawberry fabric (which I maybe should have ironed... whoops) for the back drop of the shot.

 I really like this camera affect that adds a boarder around the bear. It really draws you into the bear and makes the red heart pop. I think I'll be using this affect more and more.

 No camera effects on these two. One with heart and one without.

Finally a photo without the heart and with the boarder. This is my favourite photo:)

In other news I was asked via my etsy shop if I would make one of my chunky money amigurumis for a lady who couldn't crochet. I am always happy yo do this so the requested monkey with an additional eye patch (I don't ask questions, you want a monkey with an eye patch you got it) was lovingly made and posted off.

Today I got this lovely message from Natasha who commissioned him

"Thank you so much for making the monkey.
Myself and my fiancé collect handmade monkeys which we have created for important moments in our life( they then travel the world with us) the little monkey you made was to celebrate our wedding next month( hence the colour) and the patch was because 2 weeks ago my fiancé was rushed into hospital with an abscess on his brain that very nearly killed him, he pulled through but his sight was affected so he has to wear a patch until it recovers. I gave him the monkey yesterday and he loves him- he's now joined our 5 other monkeys and will be off on his travels with us soon.Thank you again. Have left you feedback "

How lovely is that.
 Its wonderful to think that one of my silly creations will be a treasured part of their family :)

Natasha and her hubby are going to send me some pics of the (nameless at the mo) monkey with his new friends so I share them with you all when.

Now its handmade Monday time which means cup of tea and a blog hop :)

Monday, 19 August 2013

What a hoot

A few months ago I was lucky enough to get my first magazine cover.

 These owls have been really popular. I have had some wonderful feedback and seen some lovely pictures of your makes. I will be adding a "Your makes" gallery to the blog soon so if you have made anything for any of my patterns send me a photo via amigurumi barmys facebook page and I'll add your photo to the gallery.
 I have had a lot of people saying how much the like the owls but they can't crochet. Thankfully quite a few people have been inspired to learn to crochet but I know this isn't the option for everyone. I have had a bit of spare time this week so I've putting together some sets of 3 owls. These will be for sale in my etsy shop for a limited time.

 These sets will include 1 big, 1 medium and 1 small owl. Each with hand embroidered felt eyes. These are sold as collectible dolls and are not toys for small children.
 Set one teal, red and yellow
 Set 2 pink, blue and lilac
Set 3 green, bright blue and pale blue.

I won't be making many of these sets so if you want one you need to grab them while you can.

I also had time to make one for myself

I'm just in time for handmade Monday to I'll go add my linky now :)

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Crochet dolls

Yesterday I posted off a set of dolls for a magazine project. I was very sad to see them go as one of them is, I think, the cutest doll I've made yet. So cute that I kept picking him out of my work bag just to look at and hold. It'll be a couple of months till you get to see him in print but when you do I hope you agree with me.

Anyhoo. With that in mind I have been inspired start a major project and write lots of patterns for diffrent dolls.

I have a good base pattern that I created for the trick or treat dolls.

With adaptation this should work for a range of cute dolls. I'm going to experiment with different ways of doing hair and clothing too and if works out I'll put some tutorials up on the blog so you can follow my progress.

I'm gonna try and keep the blog updated more often as I work on this project so you'll all be able to join in the fun.

I have also started a pinterst board for inspiration. Anyone who wants to add to board, message me your email and I'll send you an invite :)

So what should I make first Girl or boy?

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Craftseller geisha girls

Now the magazine has hit the shops I can finally share with you one of my favourite projects to date.

These Geisha girls were a project from craftseller magazine and as soon as I got the email I knew they were gonna be great fun to create.

They wanted 6 geisha girls- very pretty with lots of detail. This was the first sketch I did, but before this sketch there was a lot of working out to be done. I had to get 6 girls with 3 different hair colours, 3 different styles, 6 different symbols, 6 dress colours and 6 contrast colours and not clash or double up on any colour combination. I have a wonderful graph that I worked it all out on but at the mo I can't find a picture of it. It would probably look like gibberish to anyone else anyway.

The pattern was the next part it needed to be simple enough to not put off anyone new to crochet off and fun (I had to repeat it 6 times after all). With a bit of playing around with the maths I had a pattern that fit the bill.

 The first one I made was ginger like me. This photo shows the original wig that was changed so it would come down more on the face so they looked more cute

The second picture shows the positioning of the obi at the back of the dress.

 Here they are all together. The best part of making these girls is being able to go to town the detail in the hair and on the dress. I used buttons, embroidery, felt, ribbons, beads, sequins and even an old earring. It was one of these great stash raiding party's where you get to use all those things you been saving "just in case" :)

It had been hinted that these were for the cover of Craftseller but I didn't know for sure till my mum called me very excited when her subscription copy arrived. I get a very proud feeling seeing these girls in the magazine. They were a lovely project and I hope they inspire others to pick up a hook and get crocheting. Me I'll be baking the Chelsea buns in this issue as they look yummy and I may even get my knitting needles out and have a go at Tracy Todhunters knitted shawl or I might just try and crochet some shawls and cover ups as this good weather can't last forever.

I've missed a few weeks but I'm linking in with handmade Monday over at handmade harbour. Why not head over there too :)