Sunday, 27 January 2013

Upcoming excitement

I have been writting patterns all day so you'll forgive me if this post is a bit photo heavy.

 I wanted to share some of the new things I've been working on.

I'm busy writing and making as much as possible at the mo cause I know I'll have to pack up the studio for the move to my new little house soon and that will mean no crafting for a little while :(

Some of these are works in progress, Some are finished patterns that are ready in my etsy shop and some are patterns I'm submitting to magazines. enjoy xxx

 Bunny egg warmer. Its cute and practical :)
 2013 is gonna be huge for crochet and crochet jewellery is gonna be really popular. I've got lots of crochet jewellery projects I'm working on.

 My vases for my new home. I love them, the spring colours make me so happy. I've even managed to get the pattern written up so if you want one you can make your own too.

 This is a pattern for wash mitts is one of the first patterns I came up with. I've made loads of time but never written it down before. As I was making some for my new home I though they deserved a nice photo shoot.They make great presents with some lovely handmade soap too
 Playing with a new stitch :)
 I know you've seen these before but I have now finished the pattern and in my esty shop.

This pigeon is gonna be a free pattern and I'm gonna try and get it posted before I move :)

I've missed out on a couple of weeks but I'm gonna head over to handmade Monday and have a look at what all the other lovely craft bloggers are up to this week :)

Saturday, 26 January 2013

crochet vases

I've woken up this morning to a deep fresh layer of snow and bright blue sky. Its a perfect day to stay in snuggled up and crochet.

2013 is gonna be a huge year for crochet and I've been looking at new styles and stitches to use crochet in different and fun ways.

Oh course with moving house on my mind I've been looking at ways to use crochet in the home. I have cushions, and wall art planned but the first things for my new home are these vases.

 These were a bit of a happy accident as I actually wanted to make another desk pot like this one
I had a lovely collection of Rico creative cotton yarn and wanted to make a stripy pot. Problem was I was enjoying the stripe pattern so much it got tall very quickly. I couldn't bear to undo it so I had to think of a new use for my tube of crochet. I had a nearly empty bottle of squash that fit inside perfectly and so I though I'd cut the top off and see if I could turn it into a vase. After I'd made one I really wanted to try and make a square one and it worked. I'm really happy with them. They are very simple but take time to make and they are gonna look stunning in my new home. Pattern will also be available soon.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Valentines omnipoms

Before I pack up the studio for the move I wanted to get the Valentines omnipoms finished. If you haven't met the omnipoms before these are my pet creations. They take a lot long to make than many other of my test pieces for patterns. No two are ever the same and I put a lot of care and attention into each one so they have their own personalitys. These two I've been working on and off for the past month but now they are finished.

First up is Tessa. Tessa is the softest buttermilk yellow. She has a heart eye patch and as with all the omnipoms her tiny buttons round her eyes and on her bum :) Tessa's valentines gift is a cuddly lovely teddy bear. This was crocheted with Pearle cotton and a tiny crochet hook to one of the first patterns I wrote teddy heart. It took 2 days to make but is just the cutest thing ever.

Next up is Sarah, she was lucky enough to get a big bunch of roses for valentines day. These roses are handmade from felt with tiny felt leaves
I love the fabric in Sarah's ears its a ditsy print fabric so the roses are just the perfect size for her.

These will be the last omnipoms I make before the move so I hope you like them. There will be more coming later in the year.

In other news I want to thank everyone for their comments on my last post. I went house hunting on Sunday and have found a little house that is just perfect for my and my kittys. It has a little garden so I'll be able to take my plants with me too. Things might be a bit quiet round here while I'm packing and sorting but I'll try and post when I can.

I'll be keeping the 25% in my etsy shop so use code BARMY1 at checkout :)

Monday, 7 January 2013


I try and keep this blog a sunny place full of wonderful fun creatures, cats and crafts but unfortunately I have had some bad news which means I may not be able to continue running this blog or my work as a crochet designer.

Many of you will know that I lost the love of my life when he died of kidney problems just over a year ago. It was a desperately sad time. I've aways told myself to be thankful for the wonderful time we had together and keep the memory's close. I work alone now, to build the future we both planned and try and keep as upbeat as possible.

It has been a struggle. I work 30 hours a week in my "day job" and receive the minimum wage. The rest of the time I work here. I get up early to work on my designs before I go to "work" and I continue when I get back home. On days off I work here all day.  When I am not designing I make use of the wonders of social media to share pictures and stories of my amigurumi and so that all the other amigurumi lovers out there can find my blog and see my designs.

For the past year I have worked constantlly. I knew that if I didn't work a day, then day when this all started paying off would be another day further away. It has been wonderful watching my small blog grow. I now contribute to craft magazines and some of my designs will be in a book this year. I knew I wouldn't make much money for the first few years but I work for the love of the craft and for the future me and Andy planned.

I had planned to work even harder this year. There are so many pattern ideas in my head my plan for January was to get as many of these made as passable.

 However I received some news last night that means plans have to change. My in laws who own mine and Andy's flat, where I live have decided to sell the flat. To me it is heart breaking to think I will have to leave our home. I never feel alone here as I can remember Andy sitting next to me and us dreaming our big dreams. It will be so difficult to leave this place but times change and I've always known I couldn't stay here forever.

I know times are hard financially for everyone at the moment. The rent I pay doesn't cover the full mortgage my in laws have and they can no longer afford to keep paying the rest. I feel really sorry for them it must have been really tough to come to this decision.

So I have to move and I have 2 months to find somewhere new to live. There are a couple of stumbling blocks. I am on my own, I have two cats, no money and I run a business from home. I can afford a small studio flat or I'll have to share. I won't be able to take my cats or run a business if I move into privet letting. I think I'd rather lose my arm than my cats, they may be mad things who've driven me to the point of insanity more than once but they are what keeps me laughing when times are hard. I also really don't want to give up an amigurumi barmy.

So I'm asking for help

If anyone knows anything about housing and what my rights are or can help in any way with the legal side of things please get in touch.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the blog you'll see there is a donate button. I know times are hard but if you can spare a few penny's to help keep us all together and to keep amigurumi barmy running that would be wonderful.

I will be having a good sort out of all my crafting stuff and selling off what I can so if your a yarnaholic like me stay tuned :)

Be understanding, I won't have the time to create patterns and everything will take me longer while I'm sorting through this other stuff. I'll still be here though as and when I can.

Thanks for reading xxx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Walrus and narwhal

The new pattern set flippers and fins came to a bit of a holt this week as i had a falling out with a narwhal. After a weekend of none stop pattern making the narwhal, which in my head seamed simple enough, just wouldn't come together. We've had problems with droopy tusk, splitting and twisting pesky yarn and the cats stealing the fins every time I finish one.

 I had the crafting equivalent of a toddler tantrum and put him in the bottom of my craft bag and tried to forget he needed sewing up and finishing off.

I was sure I wasn't gonna like him when he was finished but he really is so cute, I forgave him of his troublesome ways as soon as I'd finished him.
Oh I'm looking forward to better weather so I can take better photos again.

I wanted him to be cute but also quite realistic (OK I know real narwhals don't have sequins on but I needed a bit of sparkle to cheer me up). Mainly I wanted a long tusk and to get the spiral twist marking running down it. I'm not gonna tell you how I achieved it, you'll have to buy the pattern to find out that little trick but I'm pleased with the effect I've been able to achieve.

Also this week I've finished off the walrus pattern
 I still can't deiced weather to call him Wilf or Barry I'm sure by the time I get the pattern typed up it'll become clear what he should be called.

 Narwhal and walrus having a nose bump :)

Walter the whale and his narwhal friend.

So that's 6 patterns now in the fin and flippers set and although I really want to make a ray and a few more fish I think I'm gonna give the underwater guys a rest and move on to my next new set woodland cuties. Now its new year, I'm dreaming of spring and I want to make lots of bunny's and cute baby woodland critters :)

It seems like ages since I linked in with handmade monday but its back now after its break for the holidays so I can't wait to catch up with my fellow crafting blogger.
Hope you all had a good Christmas and new year :)