Sunday, 6 January 2013

Walrus and narwhal

The new pattern set flippers and fins came to a bit of a holt this week as i had a falling out with a narwhal. After a weekend of none stop pattern making the narwhal, which in my head seamed simple enough, just wouldn't come together. We've had problems with droopy tusk, splitting and twisting pesky yarn and the cats stealing the fins every time I finish one.

 I had the crafting equivalent of a toddler tantrum and put him in the bottom of my craft bag and tried to forget he needed sewing up and finishing off.

I was sure I wasn't gonna like him when he was finished but he really is so cute, I forgave him of his troublesome ways as soon as I'd finished him.
Oh I'm looking forward to better weather so I can take better photos again.

I wanted him to be cute but also quite realistic (OK I know real narwhals don't have sequins on but I needed a bit of sparkle to cheer me up). Mainly I wanted a long tusk and to get the spiral twist marking running down it. I'm not gonna tell you how I achieved it, you'll have to buy the pattern to find out that little trick but I'm pleased with the effect I've been able to achieve.

Also this week I've finished off the walrus pattern
 I still can't deiced weather to call him Wilf or Barry I'm sure by the time I get the pattern typed up it'll become clear what he should be called.

 Narwhal and walrus having a nose bump :)

Walter the whale and his narwhal friend.

So that's 6 patterns now in the fin and flippers set and although I really want to make a ray and a few more fish I think I'm gonna give the underwater guys a rest and move on to my next new set woodland cuties. Now its new year, I'm dreaming of spring and I want to make lots of bunny's and cute baby woodland critters :)

It seems like ages since I linked in with handmade monday but its back now after its break for the holidays so I can't wait to catch up with my fellow crafting blogger.
Hope you all had a good Christmas and new year :)


  1. These are so cute :) You are really clever. Love the Walrus's eyes. (Barry by my opinion!)

  2. They're fantastic. I want to start making some of these, so really pleased to have found your site. What characters!

  3. Love the narwhal. My children have a rude song they sing about narwhals, which you can probably find on youtube if you haven't heard it.

  4. Love the Walrus!!!!

  5. these are gorgeous! all so very cute, full of character and beautifully made, you are so talented! x

  6. What wonderful sea creatures. The narwhal is so cute. I think the walrus looks like a Barry. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

  7. I think they are brilliant, the walrus is my favourite though.

  8. Oh gee these are adorable! I love them all, I don't know which is cuter! I think my daughter in law should take up knitting. :)

  9. I love them!! Super cute
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