Thursday, 23 February 2012

odd day

Today has been an odd day. I have not been able to settle to one task and have flitted around doing bits and bobs and not really accomplished anything.
 I've a lot on my mind which isn't helping. Its coming up to what would have been my wedding week and I can't help but compare how rubbish I'm feeling now to how I would of been feeling if Andy was still here. I've big money problems so the project I had planned for the garden to keep me occupied now can't go ahead and I'm worried about how I'm gonna cope. If that wasn't enough I'm pretty sure my little cat is pregnant so I'm worried about her too.
So instead of doing any amigurumi tonight I'm just gonna settle with a glass of wine and do some more of my ripple blanket. I'm quite pleased at how its coming along. Its a good way of using up yarn from my stash that has been hanging around for ages and its such an easy pattern I don't have to think about anything, which at the moment is fine by me.

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