Saturday, 28 January 2012

Cress pots

I wanted to make cress heads where you grow the cress seed on cotton wool inside egg shells but when I went to the kitchen to boil myself some eggs I discovered I'd already used them all up. Now I know I could have just gone to the shops but then I spotted some shot glasses on the window sill and thought why not use them.

I used double knitting yarn and a 3.5mm crochet hook

I've started by crocheting 6 into the ring
Then increase around (12 St)
1SC increase around (18 St)
2SC increase around (24 St)
SC through back of loop only around (24 St)
SC around increasing 1 randomly (25 St)
SC around (25 St)

repeat the last 2 rows till it fits your shot glass. If your shot glass has straight sides you don't need to do any increases up the sides of the glass.

Decorate how ever you want. I was gonna make mine have faces but then I played around with sequins and buttons and that was that.

Pack with cotton wool, water then sprinkle with cress seeds.

In a few days I'll have some have some yummy cress to eat so I'll have to make sure I replenish my egg supplies to go with it.

Happy crocheting x