Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Amigurumi Barmy HQ

This is a completely self indulgent blog post but I am so happy with my new craft room I just had to show it off.
Since I moved here our spare room has always been a bit of a dumping ground for all my stuff from my old flat and so never got used for much. Then we had to clear it all out cause we were gonna use it for home dialysis so my stuff got put in the loft. As it turned out we never made it to home dialysis and I've only used it to settle kitty in when she came to join the family since then. That said it was a tip full of recycling and junk so a lot of hard work and the DIY skills of my father in law were needed.
I now have the most beautiful craft room. 20 bags and boxes of craft stuff have been sorted and arranged so I know what I have and can find it easily. My button collection has come out of hiding and looks lovely in the glasses and sweetie jars that Andy and I collected for the sweetie buffet at our wedding. The heart pin board I found today at the Range and its perfect for my photos and ideas. I'm just so happy with this room and having all my craft stuff out, all so colourful and exciting. I feel really inspired.
Two really great things, first I found the blue yarn I'd lost so I can finish of my minion from despicable me (can you spot him on my desk?). Second I have perfected the heart pattern and the owl bag pattern so I'll be writing them up and posting tomorrow at the latest, for all you lovely lot who read my ramblings.


  1. Love it, and I'm lucky cus I will get to see it!

  2. Considering it was la masion chats not so long ago I'm impressed!