Sunday, 15 January 2012

Happy accident

I've been working hard on the bobble bunch. The first set of patterns is up on etsy and I've got the rest sorted into groups so I can work out patterns go which nicely. So far I have farmyard, woodland, aliens and monsters, under the sea, big and little cats, fruit and veg and one of my faves full English breakfast. Its gonna be some task to write up all those patterns plus I recon I've another 6-8 little amigurumis to come up with.
Today I've been working on farmyard and have made a horse that looked stupid but then I got his mane on and he looked fab. I messed up a sheep completely so wasn't even going to attempt a cow today. I moved on to woodland, which so far has an owl, hedgehog and duck (not sure if ducks really belong in woodland but I guess my woodland has a pond in it). I thought I'd make a mouse to complete the set.
Now when I'm making these I start by writing a quick pattern and then amend it as I'm working if it doesn't quite work out but something with the mouse went wrong. I didn't get my increases right and it did not look like a mouse at all. I was all up for scrapping it and starting again but then I thought it could maybe be a dolphin. I carried on crocheting thinking how I would make a fin for it and then when I'd finished the main body it had magically turned into a seal. A couple of flippers and a quick whizz with the embroidery tread and this little seal came to life.
Ooh what a cutie x

As another happy bonus I've worked out with a bit of a fiddle this pattern can be a dolphin or a elephant and I've figured out where I went wrong so little mouse will be perfect next time.

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