Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bobble bunch progress

The gang is coming along nicely, I've written up the first pattern and its with my friendly pattern tester to make sure it works out. I've still a few more of these to make. I'm thinking there will be about 5 sets of patterns, the first will be Blue bear, Doggie, Bunny and Panda. There will be another couple of sets of animals, one for fruit and veg and one I'm very much looking forward too with will be a full english breakfast.
These patterns give away my special way of making amigurumi so I'm sorry but I'm not gonna be posting them for free. They will be available to buy as a downloadable PDF file from my etsy store. I will still be posting free patterns on here too but I need to start making some pennys so me and the kittys don't starve;)

Update The first 4 patterns are now complete and you can get them from my etsy shop here


  1. I can't wait to make some of these for my daughter and her friends! They are adorable! Please tell me where I can purchase the patterns- and half off is always a sweet deal! Thanks for your creativity!

  2. I'll put a custom listing up for you on my etsy shop for you. Happy crocheting x

  3. Congrats Liz, you're With U in Mind's blog give away winner for this week! Nip over and click the email and send us your address so we can get the win out to you asap.

    Well done!

    By the way... loving the egg guy. LOL