Saturday, 28 January 2012

Back to work

Not been blogging much this week cause I've gone back to my day job after my compassionate leave. I was the manager of this little haberdashery that specialises in buttons but I've decided to give up the managing side of things now and just be a sales assistant. I'm glad I made this choice as now when I'm at the shop I can do the things I like, like helping customers and making things look pretty rather than be bogged down in boring paperwork and staff dramas. Plus it gives me time to work on my crochet patterns and amigurumi.
It really is a great shop to work at we have over 12000 button designs and believe it or not I know them all and where they all are. We stock all the ribbon, haberdashery, crafts, beads, needlework and wool that a person could ever need, over 3 floors and a in beautiful medieval building in York.

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  1. Hi! I just saw you followed my blog over at 3 Lil Hoots, and came to check out what your blog was all about. :)

    What a awesome place to work. Crafters heaven! :)