Friday, 13 January 2012


Though I'd share another of my passions with you all. I love photography, I keep my camera with me wherever I go and I'm always snapping away. Here are some of my fave photos I've taken in the last couple of years.

I love the colour in this sail, it was just being lowered as I got this photo. We were on the steamer on ullswater in the lake district.

I have hundreds of photos of lemurs. One day I'm gonna go to Madagascar to see them in the wild. Until them I have this photo on my wall.

I followed this bee for ages till I got this shot. 2 seconds after I took it he landed on Andy's nose shame I missed that photo.

Fire, bonfire night a couple of years ago. I think this looks like a phoenix rising from the flames. It is my favourite of the photos I've taken.

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  1. Oooh great stuff! Are you on flickr? I got really addicted to it last year, ensed up spending more time looking at photos than taking my own :)