Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Fantastic Mr fox

Well this is the little guy I've been working on today. This little fox came from the idea of using this heart pattern to make other things. His head is the basic heart pattern, in fact its one of the heart I'd already made which is why he's green. You can't really see his bushy tail in this pic I'll take some more when the lights better) its crocheted with a more fibrous yarn to the normal cotton and bamboos I use and can be brushed with a teasel brush to make it go fluffy.
I ran out of the green yarn I was using for his body so his arms are a slightly different colour but I don't mind and nether does he.
I have a feeling this is a pattern I'm gonna do a lot of work on. This first attempt has turned out well but I can already see areas I would change when I make my next one, but I do love the fact that the basic shape of this guy came from the heart pattern.
Update I have added more photos x

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