Friday, 20 January 2012

The dark side of the bobble bunch

Crochet amigurumi don't have to be cute. These creepy chappys are part of the bobble bunch and I'll be writing up the pattern soon. I had great fun making that brain. Its just a simple ball of crochet with a long chain of crochet sewn on but it looks really effective.
The aliens of planet bobble are a little cuter but I'm not sure I'd trust them. I used glow in the dark paint to the little blue ones teeth so they glow in the dark and look really creepy.
I've nearly finished with the bobbles another 3 patterns to write and I've still got to attempt a sheep and a cow.
The idea behind them was if your new to amigurumi you can learn this basic pattern and then by adding little bits you can make pretty much anything. Because they are quick to make they will get you hooked making them as I have and I'll be a bit sorry to move on but my next set is starting to excite me so its not all bad.
The next pattern set will be similar in that a basic shape will be mastered and then used to make lots of different things. I've got a bit of an Easter theme in mind but I'll keep you posted.

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