Monday, 9 January 2012

The bobble bunch

Introducing the bobble bunch. These little guys came from an idea I had to make my amigurumis smaller, quicker and cheaper to make. They would make great keyrings, in face I might have a rummage in the loft and see if I have any keyring findings in my jewelry making box and give that a go.
All these guys can be made from the same basic pattern which I'm gonna be writing up soon. I've a few more to make first to test the pattern myself.
I think the little piggies my fave at the moment but that might just be cause he's the last one i made. Next up a cat, panda, octopus, I might have a bash at an elephant and some more fruit.


  1. am a new follower and cannot wait to getthe pattern for the bobble bunch

  2. Its coming soon, just working on a few more animals.