Saturday, 21 January 2012

Crochet my way

This is a normal crochet pattern for a ball:

Sc 7 in ring.

Round 1: Increase in each stitch around (14)
Round 2: *Sc 1, Inc 1. Repeat from * around. (21)
Round 3: *Sc 2, Inc 1. Repeat from * around. (28)
Round 4: *Sc 3, Inc 1. Repeat from * around. (35)
Round 5: *Sc 4, Inc 1. Repeat from * around. (42)
Round 6-8: Sc around. (42)
Round 9: *Dec 1, Sc 4. Repeat from * around. (35)
Round 10: *Dec 1, Sc 3. Repeat from * around (28)
Round 11: *Dec 1, Sc 2. Repeat from * around. (21)
Round 12: *Dec 1. Repeat from * around. (18)

Anyone who has followed a amigurumi pattern will have seen something similar. When I first started making amigurumi I followed the patterns religiously. So many of these patterns use the same method of doing increasing and decreasing it must be the best way to do it. I found that it is difficult to get a true round cause the maths here mean that the shape formed has angles. I had to stuff the balls firmly and then mold the shape into a sphere. I didn't like the look of the ridge line of the increases and decreases. I set out to try and find a better way.

Below is the first 4 rounds of a crochet ball. The light blue follows the above pattern and the bright blue is my way. In the traditional one you can already see the angles that are forming and it looks more like a hexagon. While this will form a ball, if you were using it as an teddy ear you would probably have to do a round of slip stitches next to make it look rounder. If you look closely you can also see the star shaped lines coming out from the centre. Now I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this pattern its just my personal taste that I don't like it. I once saw the cutest, prettiest amigurumy bunny it was made of the softest pastel colours had embroidery detail on it that made me so jealous of the creators skills. It was lovely but right down the centre of this bunny's chest was a line of decreases that ruined the beautiful fabric of the single crochet stitches. It was such a shame.
This pattern I have written gets rid of these visible increases and decreases. You can see the difference in the photo. It forms a perfect round, it doesn't have to be over stuffed and moulded into a ball shape.

These are the complete ball shapes. The traditional pattern give you a perfectly good ball if a little angular but I'm happier with my pattern.
So this is my goal - I'm gonna master all the basic shapes and then I'm gonna show you how you can use them and how to put them together to make whatever amigurumi you want, ever.
The first of these patterns can be found in the bobble bunch who are in my etsy shop

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