Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Owl bag pattern

Owl Bag pattern
You will need
5mm crochet hook
Multi coloured DK yarn
Matching one colour DK yarn 3 shades
Wool needle
SC single crochet
DC double crochet
INC increase (work 2 single crochets into the stich)
This pattern it’s worked from the base up in one piece.
To begin chain 25 using multicoloured yarn
1st round
SC in the second chain from hook, continue along the chain using SC throughout till last chain from hook, 4SC in last change from hook.
Turn and work in SC along the reverse side of the foundation chain until second to last stitch, 4SC in last stitch. (56 stitches)
2nd round SC though back loop only around (56 Stitches)
3rd round SC around (56 stitches)
Repeat the 3rd round till work measures 10cm 4”
Change to your plain yarn and repeat the 3rd round until the bag measures 15cm.

Owl eyes make 2
1st round. Begin in a dark contrasting yarn with 6SC into magic ring (6 stitches)
2nd round. INC around (12 stitches) change colour
3rd round. “1SC INC” around (18stiches)
4th round. “2SC INC” around (24 stitches)
Slip stitch to join the circle and bind off.
Sew eyes to fount of the bag and weave in the ends
Chain 6
DC into 3rd chain from hook, DC to end. (4 stitches)
Chain up 2 turn DC to end
Repeat last row until your handle is the length you like.
Sew handle to bag and weave in ends 

For a more detailed and step by step guide of this pattern go here
Happy crocheting x

On this one I've made the foundation chain slighty longer so its big enough to fit my kindle.


  1. This is really cute! I'll have to try one.

  2. Am making one now. Question: is the right or wrong side of the crochet the outside of the bag? Your pics look like the wrong side and my piece, im about 5rounds into it, is curling towards the wrong side as the outside. Hope that makes sense
    Ifnyou can emIl me id appreciate it

    cowtown @ cowtownstamps . com. (take out the spaces.


  3. Hi Laurel thanks for your comment I'm re making this bag and I'm gonna do a new blog post about it so I can answer your question better as its been ages since I wrote this pattern.