Monday, 30 July 2012


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Well after a few set back my princess doll is nearing completion.

  I decided I had to move her eyes as I really wasn't happy with them but this meant I had to take off most of her hair, undo the embroidery underneath and open up her head. It was messy I was pretty sure at one point I was just gonna have to remake the head but she survived. I still have work to do to repair the back of her head but as you can't see it I thought I'd post on her progress for handmade Monday.

I knitted her dress without using a pattern and its turned out well. I use knitting rather than crochet for things like dresses on my dolls as I prefer the texture of the knitting it looks more like real fabric and I like the contrast between the crochet and the knitting. I guess I could have just made her dress out of actual fabric but that seemed like cheating some how.

 I really like her puffs in the sleeves, this was simply a bit of satin ribbon gathered onto the arm before I put the sleeve on.

Next up is all the finishing details, she needs a bow and arrows (if anyone can think of a good way to make arrows please let me know) and I've gotta fix her head and hair then I'm gonna raffle her off as part of next weeks blog birthday. Yep my little blog is one year old next Monday. I'm planning a week of promos giveaways, discounts in my etsy shop, free patterns, oh and cake :)


  1. Your Princess is very good and you get the award of the week for the patience to undo and redo and item made, I hate that bit

  2. Oh, she's so cute! The head surgery sounds like it might have been painful for her, but she seems to have held up well! x

  3. I too like the contrast between the crochet and knitting. It is really effective. She looks lovely and full of character. Have a good week :)

  4. She's rather lovely, I particularly like her corkscrew hair. It's difficult to tell the scale but how about using cocktail sticks or pipe cleaners for arrows?

  5. It sounds so painful. To move her eyes her hair had to be removed and her head opened! Clearly surgery was very successful because she looks great. Hope you (and the patient) have a good week.

  6. Wow, such patience to make that. The end product is lovely!