Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bunny omnipom

This is my lastest bunny omnipom. I hadn't made a bunny omnipom for ages and tony was getting lonely so I though I'd make him a friend.

I love using different shapes around these guys eyes. I had great fun cutting out loads of different shapes that I'll be using on more omnipoms in the future.

Shes such a good model but while taking her photo one of my mini crochet bugs got loose and she got a bit scared

Hes a harmless little bug and he only wanted to play so they had a cuddle and made friends.
I couldn't think of a name for her so I asked my facebook and twitter followers and was overwhelmed by the response. I'm still a bit stuck for her name as I now have too many good ones :)

Here are some of the best suggestions

 pompelmous, the destroyer or souls  (love this but as shes scared of bugs I don't think she'd be a good soul destroyer)

Whats your favourite? Or if you want to suggest your own idea head on over to my facebook page or leave a comment here

1 comment:

  1. I think she looks like a Marge lol

    I love your omnipoms and the shapes around the eyes certainly work!