Saturday, 14 July 2012

Being bad

Well after making this bracelet this morn I couldn't help but be bad and not do the important things on my to do list. Instead I just had to have ago making more mini amigurumi jewellery.

So here's the next one - zombie, half eaten brains, flowers and pearls :)

The good lights gone so these aren't the best pics but they give you an idea till I take better ones.

This was fiddly and painful to make. I have a blister on my hand due to the small crochet hook being shorter than a normal one and digging in my hand. I have lost fingernails and I stood on my pincushion. I had to completely change the pattern for the zombie 3 times as it didn't scale down well and I dropped my box of jewellery findings. I don't care though cause I love it.
 I was planning to put this in my etsy shop and flog it,  but no way, not this time. I'm keeping it, this little baby is mine, all mine mwhahaha :D

I am gonna have to make more of these though and if anyone wants one I'll do custom orders for them.

Maybe I'll make a ghostly one next :)

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