Saturday, 28 July 2012

Nearly naked

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3

 You can see how this doll is coming along now. Her basic body is finished. She's got her little blue frilly pants on and her hair is looking good. However ....
 I'm not as far along with her as I would have liked. I hit a problem with her shoes. I was gonna make them out of felt but it just wasn't working out, so as I couldn't get them to look better so I just decided to keep them simple. I've also realised that her eyes are in the wrong place. I'm gonna try and fix this but they are safety eyes so I'm gonna have to go back a few steps to attempt to take them out and reposition them. The worrying thing about doing this is that I could ruin her face all together.

While I think shes starting to look cute in this photo those eyes are really bugging me and I think shes looking too much like a frog.
 I'm really looking forward to making her clothes so if I can solve this little problem with out having to re-do 18 hours worth of work I'll feel a bit happier than I do now.

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