Thursday, 26 July 2012

The ugly phase

 Part 1

Part 2
There is no getting away from the face that at this stage humanoid amis are just plain ugly. Its like I'm forming some sort of weird alien.

 Shes coming along OK to say I've only been working on her for a couple of evenings so far. I've got most of her curls finished. I know she's been scalped again in this photo but that's just to protect her hair. I have to work the rest of the body in one piece and if she had her wig on it would get ruined. I tend to put the whole head in a sock to protect the felt and embroidery eyes as I work too.

I think I've made up my mind to turn her into the princess from Brave. I was swayed but the challenge to knit her clothing and the chance to give her blue cotton pants with white frills on. plus mermaids don't wear shoes and I love crafting shoes :)

Next up she needs legs and hopefully she'll look a bit prettier in the next update :)

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