Monday, 9 July 2012

amigurumi bugs

 My new range of patterns for amigurumi bugs just about finished. I've a snail to finish off and I think I might add a ladybird and butterfly but for now here are my new amigurumi bug patterns.

Bea the bee is a very simple pattern suitable for beginners in amigurumi it uses only single crochet and a bit of double and treble stitches in the wings. As with most of my patterns its written so that no increases and decreases are visible and uses DK yarn.

I'm gonna make a few of these and make them into a mobile I think they would look cool in my nephews nursery.
 Molly the worm.
 This is another simple amigurumi. This one takes a bit more time to make than some of my other patterns and her hat is a little bit fiddly but totally worth it. She really is the nicest worm you are ever likely to meet. This is one of those patterns you'll make as a gift and then have to make it again as you couldn't bring yourself to give your first one again.

Dot the dragonfly.
 This pattern is a little more complex than the others but only really in the making up. I've added a tread to the yarn on the wings to give the effects of dragonfly wings and also to help stiffen them so they don't flop about if shes flying.

Well my personal challenge of getting 5 patterns written, made and posted this weekend is nearly done. I'm gonna treat myself to a glass of wine tonight :)


  1. I've just been having a peruse around the 'blog train' and recognised your blog.... so I thought I'd stop by and say hi.

    Hope you have found your cat x

    Jan x

  2. Bugs are not so cute but yours are adorable =)