Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Weird heads

My lovely Coraline has found a new home.
 I'm part of a group on etsy that are happy to trade with other etsy members. I think this is a really good idea as getting lovely handmade stuff is nicer than getting cash for your creations. Coraline is going to live with Fifi and flo where I'm sure she will be much loved and very happy and in return I get a surprise package of goodies. I can't wait :)

Corline leaving home gave me the urge to make another large doll. I don't make large dolls very often as I like to put a lot of time and effort into them. This means I have to have clear my worktable of everything else while I work on them and as I'm sure my readers have come to realise I always have lots of projects on the go at once so this isn't easy to do.

I couldn't decide between a mermaid and a zombie. I love zombies but I've always wanted to make a mermaid as I've never seen an amigurumi one that made me go wow. I made a pintrest board on mermaids as inspiration and I knew then I had to make one.

I'm gonna blog as I go along with this doll so here's the first step.

The head
humanoid heads are a bit tough in amigrumi they can be cute, simple, flat and sometimes scary but none of the inspiration I looked at was right.
 I decided to use the methord I tried with Coralines head and some of the felt work I use on my omnipoms and this is what I came up with.

There is more decoration to go on but this gives you an idea of my starting point. In the past I found embroidering lips hard but I used a tip I picked up when making Gingers baby bunny. If you place a small amount of felt on the inside of the head where your going to embroider it makes it easier and your stitches don't fall down the bumps in your crochet :)

 In this photo you can see the starting point of her hair I've embroidered it all over with short stitches and a red yarn, this will create the base of her hairstyle.

Now for her luscious curls. Only one half done and yes I've crochet every one of those spirals. I've a lot more to do but I'm loving the way its working out so its all good. I'm using three different red yarns and combining them with different glittery threads. 

So far so good only I keep thinking she's turning into the princess from pixars new film Brave :/

What do you guys recon should I continue with the mermaid or turn her into the princess?

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