Thursday, 26 July 2012

More amigurumi bugs

I've just finished off another 3 patterns to go with my dragonfly, worm and bee in the amigurumi bugs set

Tess is a pretty little ladybug. Her spot are sequins so she has a bit of sparkle.
 This is such a simple, quick and fun pattern to make. Any crocheter will have a house overrun with ladybugs after trying this pattern as believe me you can't stop after you've made one.
 Worked in Dk weight yarn but will work in any weight as long as you use the corresponding hook. 

Jane the snail.
 This has been a pet project of mine for a while. I've made about a dozen different snails trying to get this pattern right, but now it is I'm so happy with it.
 This pattern is for the slightly more advanced amigurumi maker. You need to be comfortable doing half double crochet and back loop only stitches as well as the usual single crochet and slip stitch.
 I've worked this using cotton DK yarn as I like the texture it gives you but it will work just as well in whatever DK yarn you have lurking in your stash. If you want to use a different weight yarn use remember to use the corresponding hook.

Parker the spider
 Love them (and I do) or hate them this little spider is too cute to scare anyone. This is another simple pattern that is very quick, easy and enjoyable to make. As with all my patterns all decreases and increases are invisible and can be made with any yarn. You could make a rainbow of creepy cute spiders :)

All patterns can be found in my etsy shop.

My patterns are £2.50 each and are sent in PDF format to the email you provide me.

The full set of amigurumi bugs will be available for £9.99 a saving of £5

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