Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ghost on a swing

I've been playing with fimo again.

I deciede to make the bow and arrow set for my princess doll out of fimo and while it was out I had a little play. With halloween just round the corner I thought it was time to use my glow in the dark fimo and inspired by a picture on pintrest this is what I can up with.

 Its a glow in the dark ghost on a swing necklace!!!  Seriously, I could not be happier with this. I wore it to work yesterday and not only way this little happy ghost having a jolly old time on his swing every time I looked down but every time I went into the stockroom or kitchen he'd start glowing. He got a lot of looks, smiles and comments from my customers too :) I'm know I'm a big kid but I can honestly say I have never had a necklace that gave me more pleasure. I was giggling away to myself all day. I wanted to go running to the nearest park after work and play on the swings, but the I remembered I was a grown up who had a bus to catch and cleaning to do :(
 I got Leah our Saturday girl to model it for me so I could take some pictures.

Very bad picture as I had to play about with the contrast to get it to show up but look at it glowing :)

Ooh I do love glow in the dark stuff, what can I make next?. Stop Press!! I've just discovered some glow in the dark yarn so I can make a mini crochet ghost on a swing necklace :-D


 I got a lovely surprise my little ghosty was featured on cheezburger network must have cute and so I've decided to make a few more they are available to buy in my etsy shop


  1. This is so cute and the glow in the dark makes it extra fun!

  2. Ever considered selling these on Etsy? I know I'd buy one!