Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fat friends part 2

What is going on with the weather? Its hot, very hot. My room faces west and is on the first floor this means from about 11 in the morn till 8 at night it roasts in the sun, its like working in an oven. It makes crochet a nightmare to do. The yarn squeaks on the hook and the feel of wool is almost unbearable. I try to use cotton and bamboo yarn wherever I can but in this heat its the only yarn I've found that still works.

 as such I haven't got as much done this week as I would have liked but there are 2 new members to the fat friends family.

 I couldn't resist the suggestion to make a lion. The mane is made by loop stitch which is where you wrap the yarn around your finger to create a loopy finish. When you get you head round how to do it, its surprisingly easy and quick to do and gives a really nice effect. I had intended to make his face round but as I was pinning the mane in place it naturally caved in to create a heart shaped face which just melted my heart. I think he is my favourite of the family so far.

 Panda, why so sad?
 Maybe I was in a grump when I made her but she does look glum.
I had to make 3 body's for this panda as it just wasn't working out. First time the yarn I chose just worked out way too small. This can happen, even if a yarn says its a DK weight it can crochet up in completely different sizes and as test swatches are for baby's ;) sometimes its just a bit of trial and error.
 The next body I got the size right but I made it all in white and this didn't look right so I undid it and added the black stripe. I'm really happy with how she looks now but I think she might need a bit of bamboo to cheer her up.

 Panda and lion together :)

All the gang. How small is this photo. I'll have to play around with photoing the full family as this pics not going to do. You might notice what I was saying about yarn tension. All these are made from DK yarn but they have all come out different sizes. I don't mind this its one of the things that make amigurumi individual.

So there is only one more place in the family (for the time being anyway) I'm torn between a dog or a rhino so I'll leave the choice up to you :)

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  1. Oh wow, the family is growing fast! Love the lion and panda - her expression may be slightly grumpy bit it's still very cute! x

  2. It's horrible trying to knit/crochet when your hands are hot. Well done you perservering and making this adorable lion and little panda (not grumpy, just a little sad perhaps!) They both fit into your ever expanding family just nicely.

  3. I really love the lion especially but they are all cute. My vote is for a rhino - fits in with the exotic.

  4. so cute! poor panda, maybe she was too hot too.

  5. Please do a rhino, I totally love rhinos!
    Really like how the face is a heart on the lion. I'm gonna have to look how to do a loop stitch correctly - I always make loops by wrapping the yarn round a strip of card on the yarn over, which works but isn't very secure until it's sewn on. Your way looks more secure :)

  6. Oooh, I vote rhino too. That would be brilliant crocheted. I love the lions mane.

  7. Oh, I don't think that the Panda is sad, it looks more 'dumpy' to me, but in a good way ! Like all his friends left him or something like that...

    That's dedication to stay in your craft room, when is so hot. I move around the house (if I can) to avoid the sun, but seems to leave loads of thread & ribbons behind me.

  8. Definitely got to be a rhino! Can't wait to see what he looks like (or she!) :)

  9. Great additions!I love the lion and I just want to pick the panda up and give him/her a big hug!

  10. My room faces west too so I can sympathise with the heat situation. As much as I like dogs, a rhino would be more unusual and interesting so I would have to vote for the rhino.

  11. I like the panda, but I'm in LOVE with the lion! That is too too cute! As for a dog or a rhino, I'm torn. I love dogs, but a rhino would be very exotic. I can't wait to see what you make next.
    Weather...well, it's been hot here too, but we are not on hurricane watch and wait. I hope I make it next Monday, as it is possible we will be without power. Let's hope Tropical Storm Isaac turns east and goes out to sea!

  12. awwwwww these are so cute, those little chubby critters
    i love how you arranged them in a line! ive got not favourites, they are all lovely!