Saturday, 4 August 2012

new bunny

Today I've been working on a new pattern.

 Ages ago I made these little bunnies out of fimo. They were a prototype for an amigurumi idea I'd had and had I was please with how they looked. Cute and fat bunnies, who could resist? I was playing with fimo again this morn when I remembered I'd never actually got round to making them into an amigurumi pattern.

If everything goes to plan, with a bit of luck, making a amigurumi and writing the pattern can be quite a quick progress.I do a lot of maths and drawing before I start,to make my first attempt and to avoid having to make lots of dolls to get the pattern right.

I was lucky with this bunny it worked out how I wanted. The most difficult was making ears that stood up. All my other Bunny's have droopy ears but I really wanted this one to have sticky up ones. I think I've found away to do this I'm happy with and will hopefully make sense to anyone who follows my pattern.

Its difficult to tell scale in this photo but shes about 6" tall.

 My job now is to translate the squiggles and numbers that I've written down and make it into a pattern that anyone can use. I'll then tempt my tame pattern tester with cheesecake and hopefully it'll be ready to go in my shop on Monday.

She still needs a name, any ideas?


  1. How about Daisy Mae Rabbit?

    Would that get me a Free Pattern? LOL


    She sure is cute, I will have to get her when the pattern is ready.

  2. Oh my god, she is sooooooo bless!

    I think you should call her Yuffie :)

  3. What a cute bunny! I have a cute, fat bunny, actually I have 4 cute bunnies, but only one is fat. She also has big ears and her name is Tiff.