Thursday, 9 August 2012


I've been busy since my last post working on more amigurumis to join the family of Bubblebun and Bumblebear

So far we have a cat

So of course next I had to make a mouse

Hes a lovely chunky mouse and hes actually bigger than the cat but in the world of amigurumi anything can happen and I like that my mouse is bigger than my cat, its time mice got their own back :)

Tails a cute pink mousey tail and a chubby kitty tail.

Elephant. I've used a pipe cleaner to make his trunk bendy and so you can position it any way you want.

Here they are all together. I'm really happy with this group of patterns, they are very simple to make but they turn out so cute. I'm defiantly gonna add a monkey, maybe a few more things, but then this group of friends can go off and play together while I then get cracking on some Halloween patterns.


  1. these are fabulous! Are you planning on selling the patterns?

    1. Thanks. I have the first 2 patterns in my etsy shop already and the others will be going in as soon as they are tested.

  2. I reckon you should make halloween adaptations of these :) I haven't progressed from basic crochet yet - so making me need to learn more.

    1. You only need to know how to do single crochet to make amigurumi you don't use any other stitches :) You've just given me a great idea to halloween these up, Bubblebuns already saying she wants to dress up as a witch.