Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fat friends

The family of fat friends is nearly complete. All these patterns will be available in my etsy shop and when the family is complete I'll be putting all the patterns together as a package deal.

Newest members are Tiger
 Thank you to Shannon one of my facebook fans for the suggestion to make a tiger, I love him :) I tried doing the stripes a few different ways. first I used slip stitch in black yarn over the orange base colour. This looked good but the stripes were a bit to straight and just didn't look how I wanted them to. Next I tried crocheting the stripes and sew them onto the body, I really didn't like this, they stood off the body too far and looked too chunky and just plain wrong. Last I tried felt stripes, this worked great. I could get the shape and size of stripe right and by using a felting needle to attach them to the body they became part of the fabric of the body and didn't stand out. I think it was worth the trial and error to get him looking so smart, plus if you get the pattern it'll have the templates so you'll get it right every time.

Next up monkey

 Its not everyday you meet a blue monkey but you'll never forget him after you do :)

 The wild half of the fat friends all together. There is a panda on my hook at the moment to join the gang and I'm toying with the idea of a rhino too.

I'd like there to be a group of 10 when I'm finished as I think that 10 patterns for £7.99 is a good deal.
If anyone has any suggestions on who will be the last animal to join the family I'd love to here from you.


  1. I love your fat friends and I'm so buying the pattern bundle when it's released! How about a bird, a chick of some kind? Or a dog to complete the domestic animal bundle? Oh, no, I know, a lion!

  2. Both the rhino (in your post) and the lion (in Wendy's comment) sound like good ideas. It is an awesomely "koot" family and will make a wonderful pattern/set.