Thursday, 12 July 2012


I am a great big blob of love and happiness right now
Cassi my cat who has been missing for nearly 2 weeks is home. safe and sound.

I was out posting leaflets about her in the streets around my home to see if anyone had seen her when a couple who were out washing their caravan and stopped to chat. They had heard Cassi was missing from their son who'd seen it on twitter and would you believe it but that very moment Cassi appeared walking across the road behind us. I then had to try and thank the lovely couple and send them to send my thanks to their son with a wriggling cat in my arms who wasn't to pleased about having her adventure cut short.
 I now have Cassi home, she wolfed down a tin of food and is now asleep on her favourite cushion.
Happy sigh :)

Thanks again to everyone who tweeted or shared my post on facebook xxx


  1. So happy to hear your kitty is safe! I'm a scared mush and I won't let mine out of the house...she's only 9 pounds tho and I'm afraid she won't be able to handle some of the larger wildlife here! Did she venture out on her own?

    1. I live in quite a quiet area so I do let my bengals play outside. Cassi won't be going out for a while now till she's learnt not to wander so far :)

  2. She's a beautiful cat - love those tiger markings!

  3. I'm happy that Cassi is home. She's beautiful!!

  4. What a relief!! I'm so pleased she's home safe & sound and I agree - she is a beautiful cat!

    Ali x