Thursday, 29 December 2011

Now with 2 arms

Here he is and isn't he yummy. I am really happy with how his arms turned out. I think if I was to make another I'd change the feet but then I'm never happy with the feet on my amigurumis. The yarn is a lot brighter than its showing in this photo and his mohawk is lime green. Its made with a feather yarn and as you crochet you make sure all the feathers fall on the same side. its the same techneque I used on this little girl.
I'm not gonna lie making those little fingers was a right pain. Chrocheting in the round with only 4 stiches was difficult and I kept missing stiches and having to go back. So while I like the look of them I'm not gonna be rushing to make this guy a friend.

Now up for sale on etsy

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