Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Last minute cristmas gift

I'm a few gifts short so I though I'd do this very quick but lovely make. These are shower scrubbys and I always give them with a little bottle of homemade shower gel or bubble bath.
These are also one of the first things I get the people I teach crochet to, to make. So if your new to crochet, believe me you can make these too.

You can use any weight yarn but it needs to be natural yarn, cotton and bamboo work best. It uses about 50g

I used 50g of cotton DK yarn and a 5mm crochet hook

Start with 6 into a ring

2 single crochets into each stitch and keep going round and round and round

You'll see it start to come in on itself like above just continue going round and round doing 2 single crochets into every stitch

When you get to this stage where its getting quite dense you chain up 1 and the start doing 2 double crochets into every stitch for one round. When you get to the start of the round slip stitch into that first double crochet to join and then chain up 30, slip stitch in same place as join to make a loop. Sew in any loose ends and there you have it.
Happy crocheting x

Last minute prezzes made next I'm making something for me using the same technique as here but with a little twist

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