Saturday, 17 December 2011

A note about tension

4 pairs of arms all made from Dk weight natural cotton and bamboo yarns, all completely different sizes.
Now if this was for any other type of knitting or crochet that would be bad. I'd have to spend ages working out the right size needle to use to get the tension right but with amigurumi it doesn't matter. The little multi coloured one is just gonna be shorter. Just another reason I love amigurumi.
Oh and am really sad but even though I've just made the arms I know who these little guys are gonna be. The yellow and green are pretty twin girls omnipoms, the blue is a lady bunny who's going to keep tony the evil bunny in check and the multi coloured can decide if he's and alien or a teddy bear but I'm sure he'll tell me soon.
Arms are a pain to make which is why I make then first. for most part your working with only 8 stitches in a spiraling round. Little tip, I use a piece of different coloured wool as a row marker but when I've got so many rows of straight single crochet I work out how may stitches that is all together and keep going till I hit that. It's a lot easier than marking the round every 8 stitches. example: you've got 10 rows of single crochet so 80 single crochets to do, keep going round and round and when you've counted to 80 you've done your 10 rows simple. Well let me know if it works for you.

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