Sunday, 11 December 2011


I know i've been posting a lot but i haven't been crafting a lot. yesterday was the first day i picked up a crochet hook since Andy died. I've been showing you stuff i was working on before and yesterday i manage to finish some dolls that have been lurcking around but i wanted to start something new. I use google images a lot to get inspiration and love looking at japanese toys. I found this great image, I love the eyes on the bunny, I had to have a bash at recreating those eyes.

Well here you go cut from natural felt. Bright orange and lime green. Blanket stitch along the eyelid makes great lashes.
so here he is Tony the evil bunny. he's a similar pattern to the Omnipoms, maybe he's their evil cousin

Tony the evil bunny is now up for sale on etsy

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